Chaosteria is a landscape architect and an amateur of art who was born in China in 1989. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture in 2012, he became a professional landscape architect and worked continuously for six years. Long-term design work has cultivated his good artistic perception. It can be said that most of his artistic enlightenment comes from his career as a designer. In 2018, he went to Milan to study for a master’s degree in landscape heritage. During this period, he began to create videos about design. The accumulation of video production experience provided a good carrier for his later artistic expression. In 2020, for the pursuit of individuality and fun, he gradually turned to more artistic self-expression. Currently, his creation does not have a clear direction, and the unknown has infinite appeal to him.


2021 FOCUS Paris Identity, Atelier Richelieu, Jun 25 – 28
2022 Plastic Up, KONGLAB, F106B OCT-LOFT,Shenzhen, Jan 16 – Mar 13


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